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298 - Rs 6000 gets associated with CRY Foundation to help underprivileged children

10,000 children die every single day in India. More than in any tsunami, flood, earthquake, famine or war. Half of India's children are deprived of their fundamental right to education every day. Two million Indian babies die each year before they celebrate their first birthday. Millions of India's children go to bed each night hungry, hopeless and angry. We as a nation; seem quite content to tolerate this violation of their constitutional rights.

It is because of this reality that CRY - Child Rights and You is active in India- to amplify the voice of children. They partner with grassroots-level NGOs working with children, their parents and communities. They have over 30 years of expertise working in this area; in over 13000 villages and slums across 20 States. The situation has to be improved not just by enrolling children in schools but by addressing the root causes that keep them hungry, illiterate, exploited and abused. Causes like gender, caste, livelihoods and displacement.


CRY foundation have indeed achieved many triumphs in their life-span. But the outlook for most of India's underprivileged children will not change on a significant scale unless we start thinking of children, not as objects of sympathy, but as citizens with the same rights that we consider our due. That we believe, really believe, that every child, regardless of birth and circumstances is truly equal. That we realize the policies and the everyday choices we make, must seek to address the root causes of children's problems not just their superficial manifestations.

We must all - as voters, parents, teachers, investors, neighbors, businesspersons, lawyers, consumers, activists, students, judges, administrators, journalists and politicians alike - overcome our apathy, cynicism and sheer inertia and reconfigure our priorities to put children first.


We at believe that those less fortunate children have equal right to be happy as much as we do. They too have their birthdays and they too would love to celebrate them. Just think about that poor kid who is about to die because of hunger before you grab a bite of Rs.400 pizza at a fancy restaurant! Doesn’t your heart ache even thinking about how more than half of Indian youth is struggling even to make sure that they get something to eat at least once a day.


We have, in our small way, tried to join the helping hand with CRY to help in their cause. We donate Rs.10 to CRY Foundation for every sell made at We would love to see all of our customers to join our hands. During checkout, you will have an option to donate a small sum of money which can change a child’s life. Together we sure can create a bigger impact. Let us try to create a better world-not just for ourselves but for all of our fellow Indians. 


 dezains CRY association